mandag den 24. december 2012

RAPHA 500 day 1

Our rides start and end in Helsingør, Denmark. We are a couple who usually ride tandem - har been doing brevets the last years. This years Rapha 500 we began with a 50 km around the lake Esrum Sø and the forrest Gribskov clockwise, through the towns Fredensborg, Nødebo, Gadevang, Maarum and from there to Helsingør.

We have pictures here:

Drte rode on her old mountain bike, an 21 gears GT Aggressor and I on a 4 gears internal geared city bike, a MBK, I bought at a police auction several years ago and gave a front carrier in an attempt to try if it would work out that way - it didn´t!!! The bicycles work well under snow and icy conditions like we had here.

The day before we started this tour we had a sknow storm - during the night we had 5 degrees celsius and therefor a lot of water on the roads.

And the route:

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